Farewell Milwaukee: Band to watch


The scoop: We were pleasantly surprised when we popped in the debut album by Farewell Milwaukee, Autumn Rest Easy, and were greeted by a collection of warm and well-constructed alt-country and Americana songs. Lead singer Ben Lubeck's voice shifts between sweet, smooth verses and throaty, wailing choruses, contrasting the slick production of the disc with his heartfelt cries. With such a high quality of recording and songwriting, it's hard to tell by listening to their album that Farewell Milwaukee have only been around for a year -- these roots-influenced songs come off as fully-formed ideas, complete with lush vocal harmonies and slide guitar nuances.

Recommended if you like: Romantica, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, High on Stress, and bands on the Eclectone roster.

Upcoming shows: Farewell Milwaukee play this weekend in Duluth (at Beaners this Saturday, November 14), and in Minneapolis at the Kitty Cat Klub on Friday, December 18.

Listen: Download an mp3 for "I'm So Blind" off their debut album, Autumn Rest Easy, or watch the video for another sample.

Farewell Milwaukee: Hudson Sessions #1 from 651media on Vimeo.