Fancy Ray cameos in new Anchormen "Doors" video

Fancy Ray McCloney responds to Comcast's ad ban
Did SNL parody Fancy Ray?

Leave it to fabulous comedy legend Fancy Ray McCloney to class up any situation. The USI Wireless pitchman and Augie's Cabaret spokesman makes a notable appearance in the new video from the Twin Cities hip-hop trio the Anchormen for the song "Doors," which appears on this year's Southside Action News.

"Welcome to your personal improvement course, sponsored by all your favorite rappers," he says to a classroom of handsome, well-groomed young women. And here we go!

The concept of "Doors" itself appears to come from the notorious "door test" from the engaging 1993 Robert De Niro-Chazz Palminteri film A Bronx Tale. In short, if a prospective partner doesn't reach over and unlock the driver door after you let them in, dump their selfish butt immediately. A couple brushes with NSFW-ness exist, so watch in the workplace with caution.

Admittedly, that "door test" message gets muddled as we go through the AbhiNav-directed clip, and it seems that rappers (their Anchormen monikers) Nic Swisher, Tron Burgundy, and Al Smoker are commitment-averse themselves. Get a hold of the Southside Action News here:

Regardless, getting to see the master Ray intercut within all the high-jinx is more than enough to buoy the video to the finish.

For another look at the Fancy man at work, view his interview with the obstinate comedy savants Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! on their 2010 tour stop in the "Windy City of M'aplis."


Fancy Ray McCloney responds to Comcast's ad ban
Did SNL parody Fancy Ray?

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