Faith Hill to judge Project Runway finale

Have you been following New York's fashion week? Following Season 7 of Lifetime's Project Runway? Boy, I haven't.

First off, I'm in Minnesota, not New York. I've been spending my evenings in eating waffles and watching Olympic figure skating. Look at the way I dress; it's pretty clear I grew up eating waffles and watching Olympic figure skating and doing my clothes shopping at the Kmarts. And yeah, what of it if I might have gone to work earlier this week in a Route 66 dress I bought at the Kmarts for under five bucks? Hey, at least I didn't buy it at Pamida, okay? And Project Runway -- love the show. Devour it when it's in repeats while I'm at my family's cabin in the summer. Got to sing karaoke last year with local hero Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman and some friends in New York, and he's the sweetest thing ever and was, as I understand it, robbed, but doing well for himself now in any case. Lifetime -- love the network. I'd give my right arm to be able to tune in and see Valerie Bertinelli, Judith Light, Sally Struthers, Jennie Garth and Sela Ward gettin' their asses whupped and their babies taken away on the regular. That stuff makes me tear right up, but sadly, I haven't got cable.

You know what I do follow? Faith Hill! Heh heh. Not really. Do love singing her '00 hit "The Way You Love Me" at karaoke (whoa-oh-ohh-oh-ohh!), but she's not my favorite musician by any stretch. She is, however, Project Runway's newest guest judge. Last week, Hill attended the finale fashion show along with Runway host Heidi Klum and judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. According to People, Hill made an important contribution to the show's finale. "She knows how to get dressed on stage for performances, how to deal with the red carpet, plus we're also talking about someone who's a mom, who's busy," Kors told People. "So she's got all that going on and I think she's got great American style."

We won't know until the finale what kind of angle she'll bring to the judging, but Hill has in the last decade replaced Shania Twain's bared midriffs to become one of country music's more important fashion icons. You can view (and vote on!) some of her looks over the years or view (and vote on!) whether she or Heidi Klum have "the best tresses" on Lifetime's website. (See, Lifetime is good for more than dramas about eating disorders and pregnancy pacts!)

So Nikki. You don't pay attention to Fashion Week. You don't watch Project Runway, though you'd like to. You shop at Kmart, you eat waffles. You got a little too excited last week when that newly-married Chinese couple made their big comeback to win Olympic figure skating gold. You are not excited about Faith Hill. Not a very convincing argument for why we, your readers, should care about all this.

I know, I know. I just really wanted an excuse to post this. Fashion!

And also to, on the topic of fashion in country music, share with y'all the Dolly Parton Fashion Show!

My favorite description of Dolly fashion: This is an outfit that's very casual. This is something you might wear to a hog killin', or to a drag race, or maybe a rooster fight in the country.

You get Dolly Parton to curate a fashion show in New York, and I'm there.