Fairfax, AK's "Just Fine" video, show at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall tonight

When describing the new video for his band, Fairfax, AK's singer/songwriter Pat Dougherty sounds more like a humble musician than a salesman, "I think selling music is a pretty cold process but music is very personal thing for both the performer and the listener, so we wanted to do something a little different."

What they ended up doing is making handmade CD covers, and you get to see the process of drawing and printing by hand the artwork and assembly of their new CD, Love Stories and Picture Shows. It's not as lame as that one Soul Asylum video from years back.

Fairfax, AK's way of illustrating the hard work in not just crafting intricate and personal music but that the labor of love carries over into all aspects of their music and how you get to see and hear it. The song, "Just Fine" starts and moves on with a plodding rhythm and melody that eventually errupts into an enveloping Arcade Fire-like sing-along, one the more heartwarming ingredient in the band's songs on their new disc.

Fairfax, AK "Just Fine"

Fairfax, AK have come up with a different marketing strategy: "You can name your own price for the download on our website, and we hand make each album which makes each copy unique. We also include a blank disc with the record and a note that says "Burn this for a friend."

Fairfax, AK performing in a Limo

"If you like our music, we encourage you to share it, but if you don't feel like paying for it, all we ask is that you come to a show sometime," Dougherty humbly suggests. Tonight, for example.

Fairfax, AK plays with Niki Becker, Broken Cicycles and Brynn Andre tonight at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. 8:30pm FREE!

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