Eyedea's mom issues statement about cause of her son's death


Yesterday morning we had the sad task of reporting that the Ramsey County medical examiner had determined a cause of death for Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen, indicating that his death was accidental and due to "opiate toxicity" and keeping all other details private.

[jump] Today, Larsen's mother, Kathy Averill, has stepped forward to offer some additional information about her son, emphasizing that he was not a habitual drug user and that his death was an "isolated and accidental incident" caused partly by prescription drugs.

Here's the full statement, issued on behalf of Averill and the rest of Larsen's family:

Yesterday we received the coroner's report related to the untimely passing of my son Micheal "eyedea" Larsen.  We regret to confirm the cause of death is listed as Accidental Opiate Toxicity.As a family and as those who knew Mike best, I feel it necessary to clarify that which could be misconstrued.  Mikey was at no time in his life a habitual user or drug addict.  Many factors played a role in the death of my son, one being a toxic level of prescription drugs.  The evening of October 16th was an isolated and accidental incident.  While this changes nothing I want people to have a basis for what happened while maintaining some privacy until I am ready to speak further. I trust that anyone reading this will avoid allowing conversations that would in any way desecrate the higher positivity and legacy that Mikey leaves behind.As we have up to this point we will continue to make every effort to keep Mikey's public family involved and informed as we continue to process this tragedy. Thank You,Kathy Averill & Family

Earlier today, we posted some details about a pair of benefit shows that are being held in Eyedea's honor over the coming weeks, including an art exhibit that will feature some of Larsen's own work. Read more about those shows here.