Eyedea's 'Freestyles' EP and Face Candy's 'Waste-Age Teenland' get releases

​Nearly four months departed, Eyedea's prolificacy continues to come to light. Rhymesayers is set to release the second album from Face Candy -- Larsen's improvisatory live group with J.T. Bates, Kristoff Krane, and Casey O'Brien -- titled Waste-Age Teenland

Another EP, called Freestyles, was previously limited to CD-R and friendly file drops, and contains some well-produced studio freestyles. That's currently available for a pay-what-you-can fee.

Kristoff Krane, speaking to Above Ground Magazine, describes Eyedea's ambition for Face Candy and, really, Eyedea's general philosophy:

He believed that when we, as musicians, put ourselves out there and make ourselves vulnerable, that we were closing the illusionary gap between listener and performer and therefore creating a more 'connected' dynamic, which therefore leads to people not feeling alone.

The two newish releases (Waste-Age Teenland was recorded over a year ago, and Freestyles had been finished for a while) are perfect examples of Eyedea's greatest strengths as an all-cards-lain artist and peerless geometrist of language, rhyme, and the human condition.

If you'd like to dig deeper, here's the website that lists all of the Larsen-associated projects and how to get them.

You can listen to Freestyles below, and go to Eyedea's Bandcamp page to make it official (with money).

Also below, a recording of Face Candy performing "Witness Intimidation," from This Is Where We Were, live. Rhymesayers has yet to announce the release date for Waste-Age Teenland. We'll let you know when they do.