Eyedea dedication ceremony planned for this Sunday in St. Paul

It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed since we lost Micheal Larsen, a.k.a Eyedea. This Sunday, October 16, marks the one-year anniversary of Larsen's death, and to mark the occasion his mother has organized a dedication ceremony and concert in St. Paul's Cherokee Park, where she says Larsen spent a lot of time throughout his childhood and teen years.

"For everyone who would like a place to go, be close, or see a place he spent a lot of time, I'm putting a bench, picnic table and plaque in Cherokee Park in his honor," writes Larsen's mother, Kathy Averill. "As a child I would take him there to play, swing, just be in nature. When he was a teen we would go sit on the bank and just be silent. He would ride his bike there, take the dog for walks, and by adulthood he would write music there."

Though the event is free and open to all ages, Averill is asking for donations to help cover expenses, which can be made online via a link on the event's Facebook page. She also conducted a poll in advance of the event, asking fans to vote on which Eyedea lyric they would like to see engraved on one of the park's picnic tables. 

"The money I'm hoping to raise will go towards the bench, picnic table and plaques," she writes. "I have asked some people to come play, some to tell stories about Mikey and a few speeches. I'm doing this so those of you who don't live here or do will have a place to go and be close to him, get inspired by him, see the things he saw, a place that will last until they tear down the park which will be a very, very, very, long time."

Averill also stopped by the Current's Local Show this past weekend to chat with David Campbell about her son's life. You can listen to that conversation (along with some unreleased Eyedea tracks) here:

Though the lineup for Sunday's ceremony is being kept a secret, those close to the event are promising lots of surprise appearances by both local and national acts. The ceremony will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Sunday.

Eyedea dedication ceremony planned for this Sunday in St. Paul

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