Explained: Kanye West and Jay-Z Announce 'H.A.M.'

​Originally announced last August, Yeezy Baby and Jay-Z's collaborative album is sort of nearly upon us, with West announcing the first single's release last night on (where else?) the Twitter thing.

That first single, titled "H.A.M.," is set to be released this coming Tuesday, and boy are there some things to unpack. So let's.

Firstly, the particulars. The record in toto is called Watch The Throne and is tentatively planned for a March release, giving Jay and 'Ye plenty of time to trickle these out GOOD Friday style -- be expecting pa-lenty of special guests and gambits and, most noticeably, complete music news/hype cycle domination for the next two months. You will be sick of it. Probably not the music though; Kanye's spaghetti ego tempered by Jay-Z's not-exactly-humble wizard beard can be expected to deliver a record we'll all remember come December.

"H.A.M." We'll likely know exactly what those three letters stand for as soon as the first chorus hits sometime this coming Tuesday, but in the meantime: speculation! New York Magazine came up some great guesses today:

• Hors d'oeuvre and Murcielagos 
• Hate All Mondays
• Have a Mint 
• Harold and Maude
• Hard and Mushy

And now it's our turn:

  • Hungry At Mid-day
  • Holes Amongst Moles
  • Hardly 'Aving Moans
  • Hidden Amongst 'Merica
  • Homer, A Meditation
  • Honey Attitude, Man
  • Hot At Midnight
  • Hamburgers Attempt Matricide
  • Haute Au Moin

And moving right along: who the eff is Riccardo Tisci? Credited on the "cover" -- it's on the internet, it doesn't cover anything -- as Creative Director of sorts, he is a fashion designer responsible for revivifying the ages-old fashion label Givenchy, as well as H.A.M.'s polarizing, awesome art. So it wasn't Pen And Pixel working some uncharacteristically attractive angle. MTV summated today:

We won't be hearing the single until January 11, so we'll have to make due with admiring its cover art, created by Riccardo Tisci. The Italian born designer also happens to be the creative director of French couture fashion house Givenchy. Tisci joined Givenchy in 2005 when he was only 30 years-old, and is credited with resuscitating the over 50 year-old brand.

Known for dark, minimalist touches and motifs in his clothing design, the piece he created for "H.A.M." features symmetrically artwork embedded with barking Rottweilers and crowns, obviously. This is only the latest manifestation of Tisci's hip-hop ties. Last year, Tisci styled one of his muses, R&B songstress Ciara, for French Vogue.

 See you Tuesday, America!

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