Exercise with Andrew W. K.


Might want to skip the dietary advice.

Andrew W. K.-- noise musician, party God, Fox News commentator, and fitness guru.

Mondays are bleary-eyed affairs for us all, be you a beleaguered music blogger gazing wistfully at the lapis sky, or a high-fallutin' investment banker nursing a hangover from Sunday's three-martini lunch.

So head below the jump for a flummoxing work-out video from the Man In White himself, Andrew W. K.

When it comes to fitness tips, you could do worse than Andrew W. K. Let's face it--the dude is jacked. You don't tour the world doing hip kicks and thousands of fist pumps and end up a sunken-chested, noodly-armed, 10-pound weakling.

Sure, some of his movements might be a tad inscrutable. But check yourself, desperately lifting that trembling cup of coffee to your face in a vain attempt to shake off a weekend fugue. Then ask yourself who looks weirder to the people around you.

This is just the latest in a string of bizarre missives from Andrew W. K. His last album, 55 Cadillac, is a bewildering set of improvised piano tunes, which has garnered the attention of...well, virtually no one, it seems.

But don't let that fool you. When it comes to sunny outlooks and an overabundance of energy and good will, we could all be improved  by spending 30 seconds fidgeting along with Mr. Wilkes-Krier.