Exclusive: Gigamesh DJ mix!

Exclusive: Gigamesh DJ mix!

Since the early years of warehouse techno on down to today's mashup dance parties, the Twin Cities has always been a nurturing hotbed for DJ talent. Perhaps it's because the colder of its two seasons makes shut-ins of music junkies looking to perfect their mad scratching and super-dope blending techniques. We really don't know. But whatever the reason, the trend manifests itself in clearly skilled DJs like Gigamesh (a.k.a. Matt Masurka of MPLS) who's offering us first dibs on his "Hey! What's Wrong With You" DJ mix (a line in an old Phats & Small house track he features near the end).  Before you enjoy, check out what he had to say. 

GN: Where does the name Gigamesh come from? We quite like it.

Gigamesh: It's the name of a chapter in one of my favorite books:  "A Perfect Vacuum" by Stanislaw Lem.

GN: Tell us about when you started DJing and what your favorite music was at the time.

Gigamesh: I started around the middle of high school and at the time I was getting over my grunge phase and into my electronic music phase.  I was really into all the bigger acts of the time like Fatboy Slim, the Chemical Brothers, Cassius, and Daft Punk.  I also had a crazy obsession with DJ Shadow's stuff.  I mainly just did high school dances (and uh, marching band house parties).

GN: Tell us a story from when you saw your first concert/rave/DJ gig.

Gigamesh: My first concert was Vanilla Ice at the State Fair, right after To The Extreme dropped!  The crowd bum rushed the stage at the end and my parents got us the hell out of there.

GN: That is amazing. When is your next gig and who would you just die to have show up (typical teen magazine question)?

Gigamesh: I think the next confirmed gig is October 27th in Seattle.  I rarely get star struck, but I think if Obama walked in I would get pretty excited.  Thomas Bangalter or the Neptunes would be pretty awesome, too.

Hey! What's Wrong With You - Gimme Noise DJ Mix (divshare)


Joakim - Spiders
Black Soul - Let's Dance
The Glass- Wanna Be Dancin (In Flagranti Remix)
Gigamesh - Calling Out
Julian Aznar - Electric Gigolo
Leo Zero - Let's Go
Zombie Nation - Radio Controlled
Afrika Bambatta vs. Breakout - Planet Rock Unplugged (DJ Ayers Edit)
Subway - Xam (Gigamesh Edit)
Phats & Small - Turn Around
Daft Punk - Make Love

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