Ex-Replacement Slim Dunlap in hospital after stroke

Slim Dunlap at last year's Mad Ripple Hootenanny.

Slim Dunlap at last year's Mad Ripple Hootenanny.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of area musician Bob "Slim" Dunlap, who is at Hennepin County Medical Center following a serious stroke and a fall. The 60-year-old former First Avenue employee played guitar for the Replacements on the band's last three albums, and launched a solo career after the band broke up in the early '90s.

Reports of Dunlap's hospitalization come from his wife Chrissie's Facebook page (via Star Tribune), and she notes: "The good news is that he is sharp and aware, his speech is fine, and all of the nurses and doctors have commented on his unique sense of humor. The bad news is that he cannot move the right side of his body and will be in for some serious rehab."


Since the announcement broke, activity has lit up on the Slim Dunlap fan club page on Facebook, where local supporters are posting tributes, videos, photos, and messages urging a speedy recovery. Check out details of Slim in healthier times last November at this past year's Mad Ripple Hootenanny here.

And for reminder's sake, here's the wistful title track from Dunlap's 1996 solo album. More information as we receive it.


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