Ewww...Stop hearting

Your love is driving me crazy

Ever since the existentialist flick I Heart Huckabees caused audiences to ponder the deeper meaning of the drawn heart, people have felt more free to let loose and heart all over the place. A Google search for "I heart" yields 1.46 million results. Remove "Huckabees" from the search and there still are 799,000 pages and postings dedicated to the act of hearting: There's I Heart Wool (yes, 300 people in 25 countries are obsessed with itchy sweaters), the I Heart Faeries ring, which is dedicated the most unpopular spelling of "fairies," and the Jake Gyllenhaal fansite, I Heart Jake.

Loving sheep shavings might sound odd, but the worst it could do is lead to pesky skin irritations. These people, however, are willing to heart on anything, even evil empires: This dude hearts FedEx Kinko's (apparently making copies and sending them around the world is awesome); this right-winger hearts the pain medication Percocet (and he's not Rush Limbaugh!); someone actually hearts Microsoft; and artist David Byrne totally hearts PowerPoint. The software.

UPDATE: Further proof that the hearting (and Time magazine) is getting out of hand, Salon recently posted "Time Hearts Ann Coulter."

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