Every Other Tuesday showcase at Acadia Cafe

If conventional instruments can't render the sound in your head, trick 'em out and cut 'em up. The fruits of such tinkering could be heard March 15 at Acadia Cafe's Every Other Tuesday showcase of experimental music. Michael Yonkers debuted a "new sound" on his sliver of a 40-year-old Telecaster. His newest new sound is wordless, but eloquent with velvety cascades of Glenn Branca-like noise guided by an almost imperceptible blues pulse. Gamely summarizing this enormity, one patron said, "It was so...full." Yes.

Duluth's Tim Kaiser's mix of harsh abstractions, minimalist political statements, and ambient tapes still somehow evokes street musician Moondog's whimsy. His homemade instruments are fascinating: He puts a violin neck and strings on a Korean War minesweeper battery and covers an autoharp with the patterned aluminum that lines truck beds, giving the instrument an even steelier sound. To close the show, TVBC's Paul Metzger unfurled a percussive, propulsive raga on his banjo. Earlier, Metzger hotrodded a hand-painted acoustic guitar with a pair of music-box innards. As the boxes sped up and down on their wobbly paths, Metzger perfectly keyed a muscular, gypsy-tinged guitar meditation to their stops and starts. Hey, you gotta make your own fun out here on the prairie.

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