Every Avenue's David Strauchman on their farewell tour and what's next

Every Avenue's David Strauchman on their farewell tour and what's next
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The expression "one of the hardest-working bands" gets tossed around a lot, but Michigan natives Every Avenue truly are one of the hardest-working bands. The group came through the Twin Cities as many as three times in one year -- a fine line to walk between working the market and over-saturating yourself as an artist. After almost ten years together, the band has decided to call it quits and move on to different projects, but not before playing a farewell tour.

Gimme Noise spoke with lead singer David Strauchman before the band's show at Mill City Nights about what he will miss most about being on the road and what's next for him.

Growing up in rural Michigan, Strauchman lived in a house with a dirt road raised by blue-collar parents -- his dad has run a trucking company for as long as David remembers -- but knew he wanted to break out of that world. Encouraged by his mom to play music, the singer took up piano at an early age, and found his legs to get out of the small town. Every Avenue formed in 2003, when David was just fifteen, and had the young teen replacing the former lead singer soon after its evolution.

The band played around some EPs and eventually signed to Fearless Records for their first full-length, Shh. Just Go With It, an effort that showcased the budding talents of a band learning how to write clever pop-punk songs about girls and relationships. Every Avenue found friends with other bands that invited them to open for them on tour, allowing the band to expand their fanbase. Strauchman says, "We were a band that built our name around our live show. We came back with new songs and setlists every time around, but we were also smart about the business. When we first started, we booked ourselves and slept on floors to get to the point where we're at." Because of the constant touring, their second album Picture Perfect had the momentum to steer the band's single "Tell Me I'm a Wreck" onto national radio, something most bands only dream about.

But constant touring eventually does wear on the machinations of a group. The group released their third full-length in 2011, and little to fans' knowledge began talking about dissolving the band. David shares, "We thought about it for almost a year, so it was really difficult for quite a while leading up to this. I've been trying to wrap my head around the fact that I've been doing something for so long, and I'm about to start over. It's exciting but definitely nerve-wracking as well."

It's clear that wanderlust bug bit the singer early on his life, but he is going to try settling into a stationary life for a bit. "I still want to tour and do all of that stuff, but I want to be able to love what I do. Touring is not glamorous and a completely different lifestyle than what a lot of people imagine. I haven't really had the opportunity in my entire life to have somewhat of a structure, and this is my chance to try it."

David has found a home in Los Angeles, working as a producer and writing with different artists -- for now. As with most musicians, it easier to work on other people's projects than your own. He says, "When I write for myself, I second guess everything and it's a little more personal. When I write with others, I can go where I want with it. It's fun because you get to see how other minds work and how people are as musicians."   

With the rest of the band in Nashville, practice for the last tour has been difficult, but the quintet is excited to be back on the road for their last string of shows, which will include a lot of the catalog and pieces that the band hasn't played in a while. Being on the road for so long can make a family out of any group of people. Strauchman shares that hanging out with the band will be what he misses the most. He also adds, "What I won't miss is sleeping next to other people and getting kicked in the middle of the night. This isn't the end of music for us, though. I wouldn't call it goodbye."

Every Avenue will be performing their last show in Minneapolis on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at Mill City Nights with Set It Off, Wilson, and Car Party.
16+, $13 adv, $15 door, 7 pm
Purchase tickets here.

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