Eva Mendez appears in Har Mar Superstar teaser


We've been open about our esteem for The Handler, the last full length album produced by Har Mar Superstar. We've been open about the fact that, after nearly a decade of winking at his audiences, Har Mar actually got down to work and produced an honest-to-God pop masterpiece.

Which is why our breath is fully bated for Dark Touches, his forthcoming full length, which is being promoted with a series of bizarre, celeb-sprinkled teaser videos.

Check out the latest, which features Eva Mendez, the dashing star of Hitch.

Don't blame us-- the Eva trailer isn't on YouTube yet. Here's Eric Wareheim, doing what he does best--creeping you the fuck out.

The advance previews of Dark Touches are extremely promising--we saw him rock the Turf Club and the Uptown Bar this summer, where he performed with members of His Mischief and treated the crowds to sneak previews of his new material.

As Har Mar's career advances, his pop sensibility reveals itself to be ever deeper. even if he's still stripping to his tighty whities and making out with all the front row girls, this is a master pop artist who often doesn't get the cred he's due.

The album drops next month, and he'll be coming through for a release show at the Varsity Theater on November 8th.