IN OTHER BIG giggage, Friday's Squealer Winter Weird-Out at Lee's was originally supposed to be a release party for The Squealer's upcoming local-music compilation CD, said to feature such heavies as Soul Asylum and The Suicide Commandos. The CD is a bit delayed, but the party will be on schedule, with a lineup including Cows, February, The Bill Lang Trio, and Frances Gumm. Actually, the only "weird" thing about it--other than the idea of fitting the whole Cows crowd into Lee's--is the bill's juxtaposition of noise, ethereal-ity, jazz, and rock, respectively. But that should be a good thing, so arrive early and knock yerselves out. ($7, 7 p.m., call 338-9491.)... Sunday night at South Beach, and the first Sunday of every month, it's a dance benefit for Beat Radio's legal defense fund. ($6, 9 p.m., 325 First Ave. N., Mpls.; 391-BEAT.)

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