Espada + Booka B remix Jackson 5's 'Blame It On The Boogie' (MP3)

Booka (L), Espada (R)
Booka (L), Espada (R)
For a long time it seemed Twin Cities DJs were either lumped into the hip-hop or techno circuit, but now more than ever we're seeing really talented local remixers/producers come to the forefront and refuse such labeling. Two of these are Booka B and Espada, who have remixed everything from hip-hop to house to pop, and whose Wants Vs Needs collective has been rising in popularity lately with its free monthly gig at Jager. The duo just sent us their latest remix of Jackson 5's 1978 classic
"Blame It On The Boogie"

(MP3) as part of a sneak peek of their upcoming EP slated for summer 2010 release.

This one's our favorite so far -- sparse but fulfilling and full of funk and with some clear hip-hop and dubstep influences.

The original produced instrumental (at 320kbs) is also available for $.99 here.

The boys are playing a show at SXSW this week; if you're there, check 'em out.

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