ESP reveals Bassgasm 2 date, hints at block party

ESP reveals Bassgasm 2 date, hints at block party
Denis Jeong Plaster for City Pages

Last Feburary 19, First Avenue's Main Room was transformed into a full-on rave, the resounding feedback from first and second generation party people in attendance: "This feels like 1996 again!"  And it did.  It nearly was. The wall of sound jiggled your brain to the point you thought it might escape, everyone around was smiling and happy, sweating it out to amazing tunes spun by Derrick Carter, Dieselboy, Soviet Panda, Vaski and more.  And the best part? We get to do it all over again this summer, according to the night's iconic organizer, ESP Woody McBride.

Gimme Noise: What was First Avenue's reaction to Bassgasm 1 on Feb. 19?

ESP Woody McBride: They were delighted and saw first hand the magical power of PLUR. And they had their biggest dance event ever and so how could they not? First Avenue has been, whether people know it or not, been the backbone of the dance music scene in the Twin Cities since the 1970s, so it is only natural. The staff said it was the biggest and most friendly crowd they could remember. They can't wait for the next one and invited me to produce more events - including a possible block party this summer or next!!!

GN: What was it about Bassgasm that led you to want to throw another one?

The comment I got more than any other was - "What a vibe". We all want more of that - it is the magic of BASSGASM. Friendly people jammin' to all different kinds of music lovin' life having fun, getting exercise, talking, chillin', discoverin'.

GN: Can you reveal any secrets about what's in store for the 2nd installment? Maybe give a hint about who's in store as a headliner?

I can tell you we are featuring some more of the more eccentric and
obscure local artists, more local and regional women performers, more
performance artists, more wierd, more fresh. We have a bigger
budget to afford several international talents this time, we will
invest even more in sound, lights and decorations in all the 6 areas
of performers and of course, if you look at the history of my events
they just get better and better!

Click here for pics from Bassgasm 1.

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