Eric Lovold on Heartbeats' split with the 4onthefloor, upcoming album

Eric Lovold with Heartbeats at the Summit Backyard Bash.
Eric Lovold with Heartbeats at the Summit Backyard Bash.
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

It's often said by Twin Citizens that we're lucky to have a music community that's not only vibrant, but is so encouraging of collaboration and trust between artists. This Friday night, you have the chance to see some of that in action with the release of a special edition split 7" vinyl by two cornerstones of local music: Eric Lovold (formerly of the Alarmists) and the 4onthefloor.

Lovold has been splitting his time between Minneapolis and a job in New Hampshire, so the fact that he has been able to maintain a band life locally is impressive enough. We spoke to Lovold ahead of the event about the evolution of the project with 4onthefloor and what his new band, Heartbeats, has been up to.

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Gimme Noise: Tell me a little about the show. You've got quite a lineup: 4otf, Retribution Gospel Choir, and Filligar. How did this show come together?

Eric Lovold: Gabe [Douglas, of 4onthefloor] and I have been talking about doing a split 7" for a while. I can't really remember how it started... We were talking about how cool 7"'s are, and we were like, "Why don't we do one?" We wanted it to be a fun event instead of just another show that you can go see.

I don't know much about the band Filligar.

They're from Chicago. Gabe knows them, they're friends of his. I've checked them out, they seem pretty American rock 'n' roll.

Cool, okay. So tell me a little bit about your project, Heartbeats.

It started out as I was playing with a drummer in this cover band, and I really liked playing with him just for kicks. I called Ryan [Carerra] from the Alarmists, and pretty soon the three of us were playing together. Then we played a set at Brian Dereemer's CD release with his keyboardist, who was in from Nashville. Suddenly we have a band with members in three different states.

That's right, you're on the East Coast now. So, what else do you guys have planned for Heartbeats? What's next?

We have a fully recorded full-length album. After this 7", we are gonna have the record mastered. We'll do a holiday show, and after that we'll release the album--we don't know when yet. We want to have it pressed, all nice and fancy. It's funny, because it's already done, so we're already writing for the next full length. At this point, it's a band that developed organically and slowly, and the plan is to just to make records and do shows when they make sense. Eventually, we'll all be back in Minneapolis, but for now, we're just keeping it kind of cool.

Cool. Returning to the show, tell me about the 7".

It's just one of those cool things that we decided to put onto a record. It's a limited color vinyl; there's only 250 copies, and when they're done, they're done. We won't make them again.

The 4onthefloor/Heartbeats split 7" release show will be taking place this Friday evening, October 12, at First Avenue, with opening sets from Retribution Gospel Choir and Filligar. $15. 7 p.m. doors. 18+.

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