Epic nightclub shooting: Police arrest four, seize guns for alleged retaliation

L-R: Lamont McGee, Bridget Turntine, Ashimiyu Alowonle, and Veltrez Black
L-R: Lamont McGee, Bridget Turntine, Ashimiyu Alowonle, and Veltrez Black
Mugshots courtesy of Minneapolis Police

Minneapolis Police's response to the early November shooting at Epic during a Yo Gotti concert continued this week with a raid of a house in North Minneapolis. Four people were arrested and a stockpile of seven guns and "an enormous amount of ammunition" was seized.

According to a report from police, their investigators learned that members of the "violent street gang" 19 Block Dip Set gang were gathering the arsenal of weapons "so they could retaliate against anyone they felt was responsible for the shooting death of their leader, Tyrone Washington, at the Epic nightclub on Nov. 3." Earlier this month, a witness told police about the house.

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According to witnesses, the 27-year-old Washington was shot and killed inside Epic at about 1 a.m. on Sunday, November 3. The gunman fired at him, and then ran off. Washington's body was found on the sidewalk outside Epic. Minneapolis police later responded to the scene and blocked off the intersection of First Avenue and Fifth Street with several dozen squad cars.

On the following Monday, police chief Janeé Harteau said the city needs to take an active role in keeping downtown safe, and retaliation following the shooting was expected. The incident was the latest in a series of violent events associated with Yo Gotti concerts. 

The four people arrested this week in the 3100 block of North Girard Avenue were Bridget Turntine, 33, Lamont McGee, 28, Veltrez Black, 25 and Ashimiyu Alowonle, 27. Bail was set at $150,000, with conditions, for Olowonde and Black. McGee's bail was set at $250,000 and Turntine, who faces lesser charges, posted bail of $6,000.

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