Envision 2009: Hot couture and live coiffure

Envision 2009: Hot couture and live coiffure

Saturday April 11th

Featuring fresh and familiar model-perfect faces from recently-launched Ignite, Envison 2009 was all about featuring quintessential dresses from each of the 15 designers' collection and a coiffure -- constructed LIVE -- to perfectly complement the ensembles. Hairstyles by Rocco Altobelli, Moxie and Maude ranged from statuesque to sweet and soft. Voluminous pleates, ruching and layers of tulle added an airy lightness to frocks sold at boutiques like Drama and Local Motion. Cliche brought on the nostaligic memories with high-waisted shorts, vests and jumpers. Metallics carried forward from winter to spring, glinting in breezy fabrics for Renate Adjei's line, also featured at Cliche. Don't be afraid of your feminity this season, darlings! Release your inner goddess with color-blocked and floral dresses by Amanda Christine. Your sun-kissed shoulders will beg for the drape, simplicity and flow of her designs come summer.

Skin may be in, but for the office there were ladylike blasts from the past with more structure and decorum. Each of these pieces had just the right twist to keep history from repeating itself. Sarah Holm does exactly that with her line, by re-using fabrics from vintage pieces and updating them for modern fashionistas. That special twist was a highlight of kru$h velvet's colleciton as well.

Envision 2009: Hot couture and live coiffure
Image by Tony Nelson

Envision did not forget the gentlemen. Russell Bourrienne took the concept of sportswear and funcional gussets to the next level with unexpected details on garments in wearable neutrals with pops of summer color like hot coral. V-State kept the beauty of a relaxed, weekend day in mind for their cotton denim and jersey line, featuring fashions for the rest of us. While everyone can benefit from a glamorous night out from time to time, and who doesn't love their favorite pair of jeans more than a formal dress or suit?

Envision 2009: Hot couture and live coiffure
Image by Tony Nelson

Overall, the Envision fashion extravaganza came together without a hitch, with host Kristen Aldridge of "ESPN's Road Trip" and a well-choreographed mix of house, rock and electro stylings by DJs Timmay and Jevne. The production took care to credit each designer or boutique by projecting information at the rear of the ballroom, promoting each feature. After the show, the crowd poured out into the breezy spring night, giddy with anticipation for that first hot summer night and perhaps even a few new pieces in mind for the occasion.

-- Angie Hanson

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