Enola Gay's "Global Guts" launches G.A.Y. Friday series

Enola Gay's "Global Guts" launches G.A.Y. Friday series

Many frequenting Minneapolis shows of late are familiar with the sex-laden "sea-punk" trio Chelsea Boys. And by "familiar," we're talking getting jabbed by a guitar or splashed with sex juice, AKA sweat, during one of their rambunctious live sets. Since the Boys' dissolution in August, songwriter Hunter Morley has been stirring his musical pot in seclusion, patiently awaiting the opportunity to serve the people. Today marks the day that Morley -- together with Chelsea Boys drummer Jacque Clark -- emerges from his creative cave as Enola Gay. Yes, today, ladies and gentleman, is the first G.A.Y. Friday.

Inspired by Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Fridays shtick from 2010, Enola Gay has decided to release one raw, unmastered track every Friday leading up to their Feb. 17 debut at the Turf Club with Night Moves and We All Have Hooks for Hands. The weekly song will be available on their Facebook page.

As two heterosexual men, all this "gay" rhetoric may come off as some kind of juvenile joke between Clark (drums) and Morley (everything else). On the contraire, it's an earnest nod to a culture they know and love. Chelsea Boys was a band that sought to make sexual-orientation divides look silly, and Enola Gay plans to see that through. "I'm influenced by a lot of gay music. Whether is be B-52s, Hunx and His Punx, Big Freedia," Morley says. "I just think a lot of the parties throw and the bands that come out of that culture are a lot more fun and unrestrained. I'm really drawn to that."

The Chelsea Boys' divorce -- surrounded by false rumors that singer Josh Atwood left the band to be a dad -- was certainly not the cleanest of splits. They were Minneapolis' E.T. -- a delightful but ephemeral creature who left us with nothing but memories and a big rainbow. Despite the tumult, their effect has not gone lost on Morley, who says that Enola Gay is more of a picking up where Chelsea Boys left off than a total left turn. He also said you can expect Atwood to make a guest appearance at the Feb. 17 performance. "I'm still stoked on Chelsea Boys," Morley says. "We were like the clusterfuck band. Everyone I know thinks that."

Whether or not Enola Gay will match Chelsea Boys' knack for the art of clusterfuck (translation: rock 'n' roll) remains to be seen. While we wait, though, we can make our Fridays a little Here's the first installment, entitled "Global Guts" -- a musical speedball of oscillating ecstasy and tranquilizer that stays true to the Chelsea Boys' vision for a more imperfect union.

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