Endless road construction, technicolor cities, and Old West shootouts in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Dan Israel

Dan Israel YouTube

Don’t you people ever go on vacation?

June is prime time for an outstate excursion. All month I’ve been in and out of town, going to weddings and family events, but while I’ve been gallivanting around, the musicians of Minnesota have been more active than ever. For the third week in a row, more than a dozen (!) locally produced music videos have landed in my inbox.

Unfortunately, we only have five valuable slots to fill at Local Frames, so this week took more curation than usual. That’s a benefit to the viewing audience, but for all those musicians and directors who were hoping to get their share of the shine this week, it’s a bit of a letdown. Do those folks a favor and subscribe to their YouTube channels. Stream any video that stumbles into your Twitter feed. If you’re on vacation (like I will be this week), bookmark it for later. This train doesn’t stop.

Dan Israel – “Someday You'll Say” (PREMIERE)

In case you haven’t noticed, traffic in Minneapolis is a nightmare right now thanks to all the road and bridge construction. But you have, of course, noticed, and so has veteran local singer-songwriter Dan Israel. In the new video for “Someday You’ll Say,” Israel takes a walk across the since-demolished 24th St. pedestrian bridge to say goodbye to yet another thoroughfare. As is his wont, Israel takes the positive perspective, singing of hope and possibility while he chronicles the many construction sites in town. If this song makes you optimistic enough to test the traffic, Israel plays Thursday night at the Dakota.

Little Man – “BLVD”

City Pages' Best Rock Band in 2007, Little Man, is back after a long hiatus, and they’re proving that they’ve still got gallons of fun-loving retro rock left in the tank. New single “BLVD” comes on like an acid flashback to the late 1970s. In the video, the Chris Perricelli-fronted band takes to the cartoonified streets of Minneapolis for a romantic rendezvous. Director Eric Kassel does all the animations as well, lending Little Man the surreal element they need to frame their rock ‘n’ roll from another dimension.

Taylor J – “84”

Taylor J is straight cash. To celebrate his birthday, the brash St. Paul rapper sampled former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss for his new track, “84.” The 13TwentyThree-directed video features sideline footage of the Hall of Famer mouthing off, intercut with J and his homie flexing on the basketball court. J flaunts his singing voice on the track, which is a new sound for the hardworking rapper. In the spirit of No. 84, he pulls it off for a big score.

Prince Riley ft. Lewiee Blaze – “Deserve It”

Prince Riley and Lewiee Blaze are a formidable duo, and their new team-up track “Deserve It” is a dynamic balancing act. Riley takes the lead, delivering pensive verses that explode into a big, swerving chorus. Then Blaze comes in to give his collaborator a break and drives the song to its conclusion. In the wake, both rappers stand tall, proud to have shown what they’re capable of when they join forces. The video for “Deserve It” is directed by New School Media.

Nate Millyunz – “Nowadays”

Westworld season 2 is some tired-ass bullshit, and Minneapolis rapper Nate Millyunz took to the Badlands to show that he can do better with the same aesthetic. His new video for “Nowadays” tells the story of a smooth desperado (played by the Drake-inspired rapper himself) who hunts a murderous outlaw (played by North Dakota rapper Kashy) through the desert in search of revenge. The video also includes a cameo from what I can only assume is the chapel from Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” video. “Nowadays” comes from Millyunz’s upcoming album Love & War, which drops Friday with a show at the Skyway.

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