EMP Pop Conference 2012 hosting Gimme Noise -- not Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert's sardonic commentary on Tuesday night's episode of The Colbert Report provides an excuse to promote an upcoming weekend music event that will be lower on dry rub barbecue and performances by Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, and higher on idiosyncratic music criticism. Yes, the 2012 EMP Pop Conference hits New York March 22-25.

Although Colbert's paper, "Self-Love in an Elevator: Apollonian Images of Hedonism, Eroticism and the Mechanized Urban Lanscape of Post-Comeback Aerosmith," will not be part of the weekend's discussions, both myself and the Current's Andrea Swensson will appear on a panel "Roundtable: All Internet Is Local? The Meaning Of 'Local Music Coverage' In The Pageview Era" to perhaps discuss Howler's Gatesmithgate.

Ha! In any event, this grouping should be an opportunity to weigh out what truly is important to keeping a blog healthy, in terms of content and readership. Hosted by Village Voice music editor Maura Johnston, the panel also features Christopher R. Weingarten (Spin, @1000timesyes), David Malitz (Washington Post), and Ryan White (Oregonian).

We'll have a full report of the results following the weekend.

By the way, Colbert's musical guest was that semi-local guy that the Twin Cities would love to claim, Andrew Bird.

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