Embarassing soundclips of the week


Pat O'Brien: So fuckin' hot

Air America's Randi Rhodes has apologized "a thousand times" for the opening of her April 25th broadcast-- an anti-Bush bit that ended with gunshots and the geezerly curse, "Take that, ya little bastard!"-- and says she had nothing to do with it. (The network, addressing claims that it's being investigated by the Secret Service, basically says, "We're blameless because we suck." ) Judge for yourself-- the complete clip, including Rhodes' immediate, inarticulate reaction, can be found here.

Speaking of inarticulate, let's hope the rehab folks gave TV-clown Pat O'Brien some elocution lessons. Phonemail messages attributed to him have been on the radio and internet for awhile, most of them labelled "Coked 'n' horny." For five minutes, a man who sounds like O'Brien tells a woman the (very) few things he wants to do to her, and his knack for redundancy gets funnier as he goes along. (Note: Not safe for work.)

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