Elite Gymnastics praised in New York Post, Pitchfork

Elite Gymnastics praised in New York Post, Pitchfork

Ah, chillwave. Love it or hate it, local two-piece Elite Gymnastics are the latest to receive national attention for their contributions to the genre, and for good reason; the songs that they have made available through their site, "Montana" and "Is This On Me" have a trance-inducing quality to them, akin to sitting in a darkened opium den listening to '80s dance hits stream out of a telephone receiver, off in the distance, softly yet persistently. Chillwave fans, however vague that term may be, will eat this right up.

The New York Post picked up on Elite Gymnastics yesterday, labeling them "You Must Know" and saying their music is "not only as free as skinny dipping in the ocean, but it's just as refreshing." Pitchfork, meanwhile, has been eagerly anticipating the release of their new EP, posting not just one but a total of three of the songs off their new EP on their Forkcast. The whole EP is available for free on Elite Gymnastics' site, which also happens to feature a giant neon flashing pot leaf, shining like a beacon for fellow chillwave-seekers.

Here's a video for "Is This On Me":

ELITE GYMNASTICS 'is this on me?' from ben sifel on Vimeo.

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