Elite Gymnastics, Mystery Palace offer up free EPs

​Local production duo Elite Gymnastics is making waves this week from Stereogum to the UK's NME for the release of their two new EPs, Ruin 1 and Ruin 2, which the group posted as free downloads on their Tumblr page. Ruin 1 is an engaging and fast-paced record that relies more on original production that their previous sample-heavy offerings, while Ruin 2 echoes like a faint murmur of the first disc, remixing the melodies into a more low-key affair.

[jump] The EPs will apparently be released on vinyl at some point, but for now you can download them here (right click to download):

Elite Gymnastics: Ruin 1 | Ruin 2

Another electro-bending act in town, Mystery Palace, also issued a free EP this week, which they say will only be made available digitally "to support our continuing efforts for a greener lifestyle." The Nervio EP captures some of the understated, pulsing dissonance that has become a staple of their live shows lately, but only part of the throbbing momentum and danceability, coming across as more of a subdued headphones record. Played back-to-back with the Elite Gymnastics EPs, it's the soundtrack to coming down off a buzz at 4 a.m., and both are well worth the add to the iTunes library; the Elite Gymnastics songs in particular start to open up after repeat listenings.

Mystery Palace: Nervio

Mystery Palace will play a release show for Nervio on August 12 at the Entry with Dosh and Sovietpanda.