Element nightclub closes


There's something about 10 South 5th Street in downtown Minneapolis that causes every inhabitant to close its doors soon after opening. First it was the Rogue in the late 90s, then after a period of being shuttered to the public became the much scrutinized Level nighclub in 2006, re-opening with new owners as Foundation a year later -- and now what has stood as Element Nightclub since much beloved Foundation closed in March is closing its doors as well.

What is going on with that space? Point to a curse, bad business moves or a poor economy (although the latter wouldn't have affected the spot as the Rogue), but Minneapolis patrons are  playing a never-ending game of musical chairs with nightclubs in this city (which, when we think of it, really makes us appreciate clubs like First Avenue.).

Promoters at Element posted this on dance scene web site MNvibe earlier today.

As longtime Viber SalsaPicante put it, "Another one bites the dust."

We can only hope whomever takes over this location inhabits it happily for longer than a few years.