Electric Six taping live album at First Avenue, plus five requests

The exuberant Detroit party band Electric Six returns First Avenue, a room that they claim is one of their "favorite venues in the world," on May 11. And to prove just how special the legendary local club and their Twin Cities fans are to them, the band will be recording this show (as well as the next night at the Double Door in Chicago) as part of a planned live double-album.

Unsurprisingly, the first disc will feature the band's celebrated debut album, Fire, in its entirety, which they will play front-to-back during their second set at the Ave. The second disc will feature non-Fire material culled from the band's other albums, and these songs will be part of the first set that E6 plays at First Avenue. Now Fire has a majority of the band's big hits, so "Danger! High Voltage" and "Gay Bar" will obviously be played. But here are five Electric Six's lesser-known, but still explosive, songs that we hope still find their way into their first set.

5. "Remote Control (Me)" from 2003's Fire

This is a pick that stems from the sweet soloing, and the very real sing-along potential ("remote control me" is repeated 16 times).

4. "Down at McDonnelzzz" from 2007's I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master

In a word: Funky. Singer Dick Valentine works his falsetto supreme on this ode to the burger chain of all burger chains, and there's some call-and-response business that'll definitely amp up the crowd.

3. "I Buy the Drugs" from 2006's Switzerland.

A live recreation of this video would be ideal for a companion DVD of the shows.

2. "After Hours" from 2010's Zodiac.

Proof positive that E6 hasn't lost the intensity on recent releases. Don't do your job and you'll be fired, fired.

1. "Rubberband Man" from 2010's Zodiac.

Genius reworking of the Spinners' classic, and a fixture of encores of late. This is an essential peek behind Valentine's curtain of influences, and can bring that burning house to the ground, and then underground. 

No matter what they eventually decide to play, the evening should prove to be a momentous, high-energy affair, and it gives Electric Six fans in the Twin Cities the unique chance to be immortalized on the band's first live album.

Electric Six have obviously forged a strong connection with First Avenue over the years, and they have some nice things to say about both Minneapolis and Chicago on their website: "Our shows in these two cities have always been outstanding and we're expecting nothing less this time around. Please join us."

Tickets to this special show go on-sale Friday at noon, and from the looks of it, the night promises to be entertaining, invigorating, and ultimately quite memorable.

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