Electric Six release First Avenue live album -- look who's on the cover!

Electric Six release First Avenue live album -- look who's on the cover!

When Electric Six announced that they would be recording a live album at First Avenue back in May, longtime fans of the band from all over the country clamored to get tickets to the show to insure that they would be part of the memorable experience. Electric Six easily sold-out the club that night, and proceeded to play two full sets, pleasing their fans with a straight run through of their classic debut album, Fire, as well as a generous sampling of hits from throughout their decade-long career.

And now the live album, titled Absolute Pleasure, is finally available to fans, and anyone who has ever walked through the doors at First Ave will instantly recognize the man on the cover.

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Electric Six release First Avenue live album -- look who's on the cover!

It's longtime First Avenue stage manager Conrad Sverkerson, of course, enjoying a rare restful moment by lounging in a chair in First Ave's garage. Anyone who has played First Ave in the last 20+ years has dealt directly with Conrad, who helps insure that each and every band has a smooth and enjoyable experience playing the club.

I have attended countless shows where the bands thank him directly from the stage, and he's as much a fixture around First Ave as the iconic stars on the club itself.

And now, in addition to all of the acclaim and notoriety he's accumulated over the years, Conrad can also add album cover star to the list.

But you shouldn't buy the album just for the awesome cover alone, for there's some good music to be found on Absolute Pleasure as well, with most of it recorded within the friendly confines of First Ave (Electric Six also recorded their show at the Double Door in Chicago, and some of those performances are included in the live album as well).

Absolute Pleasure is being released by Metropolis Records, and of course the band are planning a full U.S. and European tour to support the live album, so look for them coming back to Minneapolis (most likely right back at First Ave) sometime soon on their upcoming Absolute Pleasure: Livin' The Dream tour.

Here's the full Absolute Pleasure tracklisting:

01. It's Showtime!
02. Down At McDonnelzzz
03. Danger! High Voltage!
04. Future Is In The Future
05. Dirty Ball
06. When I Get To The Green Building
07. Gay Bar
08. Infected Girls
09. Jam It In The Hole
10. She's White
11. Body Shot
12. Dance Epidemic
13. I Buy The Drugs
14. Hello! I See You
15. Crazy Horses
16. Dance Commander
17. Synthesizer

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