Electric Fetus's top 10: Haley Bonar and Wookiefoot


A little while back. Gimme Noise published reviews akimbo of Haley Bonar and Skoal Kodiak as a testament to just how bizarre and exotic our musical ecosystem is.

A glance at Electric Festus' Top 10 local albums for this week brings things to even more unexpected extremes. Included in the list is Sing With Me, the outstanding children's album by Haley Bonar, and Wookiefoot's latest release, which is, you know, a Wookiefoot album.

Head below the jump for more odd pairings, and a glimpse into what's moving units at the Fetus.

Keep taking drugs until it sounds good. Wookiefoot live.

From the Fetus press release:

1.  Solid Gold  "Bodies of Water"

2.  Dan Wilson  "Live At The Pantages"

3.  Wookiefoot  "Be Fearless & Play"

4.  Unknown Prophets  "Le System D"

5.  Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles  "Special Party Time"

6.  Red Pens  "Reasons"

7.  Haley Bonar  "Sing With Me"

8.  More Than Light  "Electric Prescription For All.."

9.  Lookbook  "Wild At Heart"

10.  Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles  "Orange Peels & Rattlesnakes"

A quixotic round up for sure. But who's complaining? No one was ever faulted for being too diverse in their listening decisions. Here's hoping the Twin Cities don't come to their senses any time soon.