Electric Fetus store in St. Cloud closing in May


The St. Cloud location of the Electric Fetus will close its doors in May after 27 years in business. The closure will leave the chain's Minneapolis and Duluth stores.

The Fetus made the announcement Friday, and cited the store's lease expiring as the reason behind deciding to consolidate their efforts to two stores.

Here is the store's full statement:

After 27 years in business, the St. Cloud Electric Fetus store will be closing on Friday, May 23, 2014.

It's been incredible to be a part of the St. Cloud community and music scene for many years, and we have great and loyal customers who we will miss. We thank you for your support and patronage. With the St. Cloud store's lease expiring this Spring, it's been a time of reevaluation and future planning for the Fetus. We've decided to concentrate our efforts on the Minneapolis and Duluth markets.

We're in hiring and planning mode in Minneapolis and Duluth and we're looking forward to continuing what's been an exciting and successful ride, in particular the last few years, which have seen some record-setting sales and numbers we've not seen in two decades. We will continue to adjust to best deliver to our customers and continue to strive to make our shopping experience unique and memorable. That's why we continue to host events, in-store performances and have launched locally focused programs such as MinnEconomy. From gifts to music to beyond there's much to be excited about.

As always, thank you for your support.

Over the weekend, the St. Cloud store made it clear that it won't go out without a bang. Via Facebook:
We are not done yet!!! We still have two and a half months in the store. In that time we don't plan on slowing down. There is the Art Crawl on March 21st, Record Store Day on April 19th and more plans to come. Check here for updates or stop in to say hi and buy some tunes! Thanks so much for your support.