Electric Fetus hit by tornado

Most people in Minneapolis learned of today's tornadoes via Twitter, which was abuzz with reports of touchdowns and damage a full 15 minutes before the sirens went off. One of the best reports we received came courtesy of Stacy Schwartz, aka @staciaann and @efetusmpls, who live-tweeted a tornado hitting the Electric Fetus record store in Minneapolis, where she works.

Here's a quick rundown of her tweets, we'll update as we get more information.

Straight line wind just blew in 2 large windows @efetusmpls, roof caved in on back side, brick everywhere. Fire trucks are here now.

Ok, apparently @efetusmpls was hit by a tornado. We are dealing with it now. No one was hurt. We are closing soon. I'll keep you posted.

Store is mostly ok btw. Window damage & damage to outer bldg. A few cars hurt & fence down.


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