Election Day event checklist.

Election Day event checklist.

Well, here it is. As if the absurd pageantry of Halloween wasn’t enough, here comes the absurd pageantry of election day. Our defaulted mortgages, our squandered educations, the trajectories of our imperiled futures-- all this and more awaits one lucky chap. Who will it be? And what will provide the backdrop to your nail biting and beer pounding as you watch those states get colored in one by one? Here’s a round-up of events which prove that, unlike our hearty democracy, the Twin Cities music community has more than 2 measly parties.


Bob Dylan

As you might imagine, this one sold-out when this year's exit polls were but a gleam in Karl Rove's eye.

TURF CLUB 9:00 P.M. $7.00

The Von Blondies The Shys First Communion Afterparty The Takeover UK

DJ's Double Trouble will be spinning between bands, and election coverage will be non-stop in the Clown Lounge. FIRST AVENUE MAINROOM 9:00 P.M. $3.00 Soviet Panda The Moon Goons

The First Avenue Website dubs the evening "Hot Election Night." No mention if the monitors will be running CNN wall to wall, but with all those iPhones drifting around, and Soviet Panda's trusty laptop at the ready, getting an election update shouldn't be hard.

7TH STREET ENTRY 8:00 P.M. $12.00

Gang Gang Dance Marnie Stern Mute Era

BIG V'S 10:00 P.M. $5.00

The Hostages Little Irvy Best Bitch In Show

And, for the easy to please:


No cover, no bands. Just 2-4-1's and enough spiked black leather to make this the most dangerous place in the city, should too many of those states get a coat of red.

The NOMAD WORLD PUB will be offering beer specials and showing coverage, and any bar in town, from the VFW to the trusty Trend, will be showing just how the world will end, in glorious technicolor, and with collars of every shade to argue with along the way.

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