Eight Twin Cities hip-hop producers you should hear now: Vol. 4


It's the last Tuesday of the month, so we're back with another great mix of eight local producers for this month's Gimme Noise Beattape. The artists weave around in terms of style on this one, reflecting the range of great beats from across the scene's spectrum. Twin Cities beats have proven quality across the genre board.

He's worked behind the scenes as producer and engineer for a number of local artists including GRRRL PRTY, Freez, and Vision the Kid, but with his recent solo release Smokers Lounge, Tru steps out in front for a smooth and jazzy five-song instrumental debut. Featuring all original sounds and meticulous attention to detail, the album combines slick hip-hop beat construction with a nostalgic lounge sheen, and really highlights Tru's distinct musical sensibilities.

Featured track: "Streetlights" from Smokers Lounge, 2014.
Tru on Bandcamp / Twitter

Moodie Black
With the release of their latest album Nausea for Fake Four just around the corner, noise-rap collective Moodie Black are about to reinsert themselves into hip-hop's collective consciousness. Taking an abrasive approach to beats and rhymes long before Kanye and his ilk, they've racked up a huge amount of beats in addition to their proper albums, and "Human Is Not" is a great example of their off-kilter stance on what rap could be. 

Featured track: "Human Is Not", via Soundcloud, 2013.
Moodie Black on Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter

Cory Grindberg
Cory Grindberg has blessed a number of projects from local rappers, including Prof, Meta, and Mod Sun, as well as providing beats for his crew Audio Perm. Equal parts trap and traditional music theory, his sound is rooted in the joys of club music but maintains a progressive and weird slant. He's released a number of excellent free mixtapes with his partner in crime Dylan Frank as Red Velvet, but continues to drop solo projects now and then, including the multifaceted Criterion 5 from which we grabbed the infectious "W8 4 U."

Featured track: "W8 4 U" from Criterion 5, 2013.
Cory Grindberg on Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter

Born in New Orleans to a very musical family, Katrah-Quey was raised playing multiple instruments and eventually brought that energy to hip-hop production. A fourth of the 4Shades beatmaker crew, he's crafted a wide range of soulful beats, remixes, and instrumental albums, providing a unique texture to each new piece. "The Concept Of Eye Contact" comes from Envelopes, one of many instrumental projects he's released via Bandcamp.

Featured track: "The Concept Of Eye Contact" from Envelopes, 2012.
Katrah-Quey on Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter

With an impressive discography already under his belt, including albums tackling different genres with Aceyalone and production credits for heavy hitters like Ice T, Too $hort and Kool Kieth, Bionik has relocated to Minneapolis from LA and has a few projects in the works with local artists. Mr. Gene Poole enlisted Bionik for last year's The God Particle, which displayed a plethora of styles, including dubstep, metal, and dancehall influences, in the context of hardcore rap, and an upcoming reggae record with Gene, Desdamona, and Carnage promises to delve even deeper into his bank of styles.

Featured track: "Family Tree", Gimme Noise exclusive.

Brandon Allday
One half of the seminal group Big Quarters, few have done as much for the local producer scene as Brandon Allday. Beyond contributing a number of influential beats to his own rap projects with his brother and fellow rapper/producer Medium Zach, he's been a driving force for events like Last of the Record Buyers, which has supported a community of local up-and-coming producers and helped establish many of the current figures in local hip-hop. "Roadkill Journal" is one of many songs featured on his individual Soundcloud page, which is divided into his production work, remixes, and rap songs.

Featured track: "Roadkill Journal" via Soundcloud, 2013.
Brandon Allday on Soundcloud / Twitter

Budah Tye
While largely known for his unapologetic weed-fueled raps, Budah Tye is also a deft producer, steadily dropping fresh beats every few days on his massive Soundcloud page. With a particular gift for sample-flipping, Tye can grab a section of anything from soul to twang guitar and spin it into rap gold. Already a legend in the local scene, Budah Tye's been carving a new lane for himself with his quality production.

Featured track: "In Time" via Soundcloud, 2013.
Budah Tye on Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter

Dimitry Killstorm
Dimitry Killstorm first made his name working with Wide Eyes, and his recent album with Haphduzn further showcased his strength with sample-based production. His solo work worms outward from boom-bap, particularly The Wax Museum and his local-focused genre-bending mash-up project Make A Scene with DJ Name. In addition to the spacey "You'll Never be Alone Again", his recent work chopping and screwing tracks by Young Thug and Schoolboy Q hint at his branching out stylistically.

Featured track: "You'll Never Be Alone Again" via Soundcloud, 2014.
Dimitry Killstorm on Soundcloud / Twitter

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