Ecid "Back From Japan" video premiere

Ecid's forthcoming Werewolf Hologram, due February 28, is a dark delight of an album. The prolific Twin Cities hip-hop experimenter's "Back From Japan" is a certified high point from the collection, and its ominous beat -- splintering, busting drums and an swelling keyboard score -- serves as a black backdrop for the harrowing interplay to unfold. "You can sell smiles, but they buy frowns," he raps with a soul-crushing finality in his voice.

Thus, it's a mixed feeling premiering a new Kyle Thrash-directed music video for the song. It's visually stunning, and a righteous companion for the subject matter -- but entirely an artful bummer filled with death, sadness, and destruction.

The footage, featuring a man agonizing over the tragic loss of his lady love, was filmed in mid-November 2011 in Philadelphia. From Ecid: "I made the beat for this song the day the Tsunami hit Japan last year. Ironically, I had no idea what was going on and I sampled a psych rock band from Japan. I took a break from working on the beat and found out what was happening. I instantly went and recorded the hook."

Check out our exclusive premiere of the clip below.

The video is a follow-up to Ecid's visual accompaniment to the title track, which was released late last year. It's an equally gritty clip that probably won't sit well with folks who are scared of carnies.

Ecid's local release party for Werewolf Hologram with Carnage, Kristoff Krane, Awol One, and David Mars is at Triple Rock Social Club on Friday, March 2. Click here.

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