Early Eyes sign to Epitaph, drop new video

Early Eyes

Early Eyes Muriel Margaret

It’s one of those days when we could probably all use a feel-good “local band signs to prestige label” story.

So here it is: Local rockers Early Eyes have signed with Epitaph Records. That’s it. That’s the story.

No, wait, we’ve got more for you, of course. If you want the full scoop on their career, City Pages talked to Early Eyes back in 2018 about how the quintet, whose members met as U of M students, moved on from playing all-ages shows at the Garage in Burnsville to the grown-up local indie circuit. And now they’re headed up to the national level.

You can catch Early Eyes at the Amsterdam in St. Paul on March 21, as part of their two-month spring tour. And you can watch the video for their new Epitaph single, “I’m Enough,” right here and right now.