Early Eyes romp through the snowdrifts with a puppy in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Early Eyes: They're all good boys.

Early Eyes: They're all good boys. YouTube

Stefon Diggs proved that there is magic in Minnesota.

Minneapolis/St. Paul has been a beleaguered sports town for a few decades now, and that’s been a leading factor in the Twin Cities’ inferiority complex. But with the Vikes putting together what could be the most dogged, determined performance in Minnesota sports history and the Super Bowl ready to seize Downtown Minneapolis, the world is paying attention to our little corner of the Midwest.

The hope is that, with all the work Diggs, Keenum, and the boys in purple are doing, that enthusiasm will trickle down. Is Minneapolis on the cusp of being the center of national attention we’ve always thought it could be? If so, the music scene needs to be ready to live up to the standard being set on the gridiron. The Cities have always taken pride in out slept-on musical brilliance. Here are five local videos to prove to the world that we’re ready to step up.

Early Eyes—“Coffee”

Though 2018 may be young, Early Eyes have already staked their claim as the emergent local indie-rock act of the year. On their latest single, “Coffee,” the fun-loving boys from Minneapolis once more tap into the magic that made their March 2017 EP Minutes so alluring. Lilacs Media takes a documentary angle for the song’s video, following Early Eyes as they roll around in the snow with a Golden Retriever puppy and eat gas station potato chips. It’s a great illustration of their goofy charm.

Flip Rushmore—“DDT”

Welcome Flip Rushmore to the Minneapolis/St. Paul music scene. The band dropped their first-ever release on Friday, the three-song EP DDT. The title track was inspired by a Washington Post profile of a gun-besotted Walmart shopper named Jim Cooley, though the fun Katie Lescarbeau-directed video takes inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s hilariously misguided Pepsi commercial. Diet Dr. Thunders for everyone—even the cops!

Timmy Waves—“Gotta Make It”

So much of hip-hop exists between two poles—desperation and excess. And sometimes, as St. Paul rapper Timmy Waves shows in his new video “Gotta Make It,” those two extremes naturally intwine: The excess is the both the reason and the reward for the desperation. As Waves outlines the situation that leads inner city kids towards the hustle, Dogfood Media’s video for the song showcases the spoils of actually making it to the top (gratuitous butts included).

Willy ARQ—“What Do You Do (Remix)”

A$AP Ferg is the type of cult-of-personality hip-hop mogul who inspires rappers around the world. Ferg’s “What Do You Do” resonated so deeply with Willy ARQ that the Liberian-born Minneapolis rapper decided to pay homage with his own take on the track. Boss Status Media paints ARQ’s life with glamor and opulence in the video, making the local look like he deserves to stand next to the man he’s remixing.

Version 5—“Why Don’t You Drop”

On this new single, big-hook industrial rockers Version 5 focus their powers on creating aggressive, dizzying rhythms, complemented with melodies that soar over the top. The twentysomething duo of Minneapolis brothers Andy and Spencer Olson have come up with the kind of gym playlist anthem that spikes your adrenaline with every cycle of verse-bridge-chorus, and Ryan Thielen’s gritty video ups the intensity even further to a teeth-gritting peak.

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