Dylan's Drummer Boy video drops

Dylan's Drummer Boy video drops

Gaze into the face of madness--Bob Dylan.

We all knew that Bob Dylan would end up going bat shit crazy. But we never guessed he'd end up croaking out "Little Drummer Boy" on a Christmas album. The greatest chaos theorist would have chucked that possibility out as an unthinkable absurdity.

And yet, here we sit. The animated video for this Christmas...ahem..."classic" is even more inscrutable than the song itself. Head below the jump to check it out.

Pure Twilight Zone material, no?

The concept of Dylan's Xmas album is perplexing enough. But his song selection is even more bizarre. "Little Drummer Boy" is by far the most limpid, least celebratory holiday song in the books.

The wizened folk icon does it no favors--in his trembling hands, the song sounds like a funeral march. More proof that Dylan might be winking  at us with this bizarre stunt. The guy's been in this business for about a hundred thousand years. He's stumbled and misfired from time to time, but he's never been truly off the mark.

Let it be satire, Santa--the thought of Dylan putting out this release with a pure heart and not a smirk on his face is too much for us to bear.

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