Dylan Hicks to read, perform at Bryant Lake Bowl Saturday

Dylan Hicks to read, perform at Bryant Lake Bowl Saturday

You'd have to have been under a rock or had your nose buried in some book to not notice the flurry of activity surrounding Minneapolis music vet and now writer Dylan Hicks.

With his newest band the Toughies in tow, Dylan has been performing quite steadily again for the first time in nearly ten years. He released a new CD, Dylan Hicks sings Bolling Greene and also a published novel Boarded Windows leading up to this Saturday night at the Bryant Lake Bowl where he will presumably not only be rocking but also reading (see right).

Being featured on both the Current's The Local Show and Minnesota Public Radio, readings at the Nomad for the Paper Darts event earlier this month, the University of Minnesota book store and tonight at the Open Book, Twin Cities fans are now being treated with a groundswell of Dylan's creative juices that he's kept bottled up all this time.

Bursting forth, Dylan Hicks has managed to capture the essence of music lovers and the culture that surrounds them in Boarded Windows whose creative everyday characters surround the reader as comedy performers, DJ's and a singer/songwriter, Bolling Greene for whom Dylan essentially embodies not only on the page but on his new CD.

Dylan Hicks and the Toughies perform 2 sets Saturday night at the Bryant Lake Bowl 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. $8 for advance, $10 at door. All Ages

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