Dwight Yoakam, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Justin Townes Earle and more this four-day weekend


Four day weekend? Totally! Just call into work on Monday and Tuesday!

Why? Because Justin Townes Earle is playing First Avenue on Monday! And you know you wanna get ass-drunk for that show. After all, he'll probably be, right?


Oh, but we kid. Only because Justin, described last December by the Dallas Observer as "one tough sonuvabitch," said in an interview following a drunken altercation in Indianapolis (that resulted in a short tour postponement) that while he didn't plan to live up to the legacy of his namesake, Townes Van Zandt, he was "also not going to make any promises."

Now, this past week or so Justin's been on a Twitter rampage* decrying the Dallas Observer (for example, from 4:18 PM Feb 2nd: "Homeless man says dallas oserver not worth the shit he just took on it." Sic.) after the paper, City Pages' sister publication, set 40 to 1 odds that he would die in 2011. The prediction has since been retracted, though the 35 to 1 odds placed on Steve Albini's head have not.

In other words, Justin does not plan to die. But he's not making any promises. But he also doesn't want anyone to make any predictions, and rightly so. And whether or not he chooses to stay sober is another story. And the bottom line? We realize the two are not mutually inclusive, and we're rootin' for him! Drink up, but stay alive, good buddy.

Holy goddamned digression. Anyway, even if you can't take your Tuesday morning off to see Justin's Monday night appearance at First Avenue (2/14 8:30, $15, 18+), there are plenty other options for seeing some good country this weekend.

Exhibit A-1: Dwight Yoakam will be playing Mystic Lake Casino on Friday night. Ooh, but it's sold out! Too bad! I'll bet you didn't get tickets. Keep your eye out for the next time he's in the area, as he's not to be missed. And until then, keep that eye out for our review come Monday morning. I'm sure you'll be feelin' real green by then.

Alternative: And it's a good alternative. Go check out Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Medina this Friday instead (2/11 7:30, $24-41, 21+). We saw them put the fun in funerals last spring, and it was real, real good.

Aww, but are you poor as a church mouse? Poor li'l church mouse. Tonight, Lee's Liquor Lounge will be hosting Church of Cash AND a meat raffle for just five little bucks. So you might at least get some free meat? Wait, I take that back - the opening band is called Meat Raffle Road. Well, that's pert'dern cool, too. I mean, it ain't no free backstrap, but that's okay. Let's be frank; you probably got enough of that in your freezer anyway.

Hey, we called in to work for you on Monday and Tuesday! F'real, we did. Enjoy!

*Follow Justin's tweets. They're my favorite to read aloud, and are as often hilarious as they are full of confounding truisms. Meaning, always.