DVS1's Shelter club night kaput after November


Oh, Minneapolis. You are so Jennifer Aniston when it comes to regular dance music nights -- why can't you hold onto just one good one? First SNDP went (First Ave). Then Plush (The Quest). Then Basic (First Ave). Now Shelter (Barfly's Loft). It feels like I'm writing about the death of disco every other month in this city, and while the haters might say it's time to put the nail in the coffin with this one, the puzzling part is that there actually is a sizeble "underground" dance music patronage here. So where have they been? Are they bored? Did they "grow up"? Get sober?

Whatever the reason, they're going to have a hard time finding fun stuff to do on Friday nights after November 28, when one of local techno's godfathers and promoter of Shelter, Zak Khutoretsky a.k.a. theDEVIOUSone, will throw his final show at the space. And there really is a lot of it -- which is part of the problem.

"Being on a Friday and having sporadic attendance as its been, it's just hard to keep going," Khutoretsky told me over the phone. "One night it's amazing and the next night nobody's out. So we decided to just let ths one go, It's already gonna be a tougher time in the winter, so let's end it with a bang. Thanks for the support."

Khutoretsky, who was co-founder of briefly stable Foundation Nightclub (which is now Element), has long vowed to start his own techno club in the city, but variations of this goal have sprouted in its place.

Who knows what's next for the techno lovers. My guess is they're going to turn to the afterparties and smaller one-offs for a while, but either way you slice it, they've gotta find new Shelter.

--Jen Boyles (Bored, sober and grown up)


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P.S.: To add to Zak's woes, DJ Rolando has canceled, but word is he'll still have locals play the night: