Dusty Springfield, ''Lost''


Maybe we lost something when we took a headlong dive into the idea of the music video as pseudo-narrative miniature movie. I've seen a pretty good number of pre-MTV broadcast television music clips from back in the day, typically involving the artist(s) standing around lip-syncing on a soundstage, maybe dancing a bit, and sometimes that near-primitive simplicity is just a bit short of astounding. When you grow up watching Duran Duran cavort around in the jungle on some fake-Spielberg business, your garden-variety ca.-1970 pantomime performance is pretty damn novel.

So here we have Dusty Springfield, just a bit after her much-beloved and career-defining Dusty in Memphis, performing "Lost", the first track from her Philadelphia-recorded, Gamble & Huff-produced 1970 LP A Brand New Me (titled From Dusty... With Love in the UK). And where is she performing it? Inside a cube built from fluorescent lights, floating in the midst of a sea of complete and utter blackness. It looks like some sort of futuristic prison cell from an especially bleak episode of 'The Prisoner', and I can only imagine what the significant portion of TV viewers who still owned black-and-white sets at the time thought of it. As for the song, it's a pretty effortless transition from Muscle Shoals to Sigma Sound, and a good lead single from a sorely underrated album.

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