Dusty home movies and intergalactic voguing in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A clip from Circus of the West's 'Love Always'

A clip from Circus of the West's 'Love Always' YouTube

Is it enough to release a single video anymore?

As listener habits have changed, the music video has lost relevance as a vehicle for popularizing a single. What was once a necessity in the television age has become a non-entity in the streaming era. Music videos may be nice add-ons for your promotional package, but they’re no longer the attention driver they were during the heyday of TRL.

But music video directors have gotten more ambitious in how they present their work. More and more you’re seeing collaborations like the one we have this week from Reflectivore and True Norse Films: video series that string together narratives and aesthetic themes, leading viewers from one video to the next. Is it enough to replenish the public’s interest in the art of the music video? Perhaps. But even if not, it’s great art.

Circus of the West – “Love Always” (PREMIERE)

It’s been almost a year and a half since Circus of the West released their debut, We'll See Ourselves Out, but the single “Love Always” still stands out as one of the most emotionally potent songs to reach the Twin Cities in recent memory. For the heartfelt video, the band took the song’s message of growth through mourning to a personal level. “Loss always feels solitary,” the band said in a press release associated with the video. “We tried to make ‘Love Always’ feel that way, and personal.” If the video resonates with you or your own personal history, make sure to catch Circus of the West’s set at the Pizza Luce Block Party this Saturday.

Buffalo Fuzz – “I’m on Fire”

Buffalo Fuzz’s newest single arrives on a somber note. Though it heralds the coming of their second album due out in spring, it also comes after the death of their drummer, Jake Allan, who lost a battle with depression just a few weeks after finishing the album and filming the band’s first music video. “I’m on Fire” is the video in question, and Allan’s energetic, wildman drumming is shown in full force as an emblem of what the band will be missing as they begin their healing process. Buffalo Fuzz will play their next show on Friday at the Entry alongside Porno Wolves, the Carnegies, Laura Hugo, and Nathan Walker.

Reflectivore – “Black Holy”

Last week , we showcased the latest music video from Duluth rock band Reflectivore, and now the final death vision is here to haunt us. “Black Holy” is the final track from Reflectivore’s 2015’s self-titled EP, and it’s the third to get a hellish imagining from True Norse films. Opening on a sweeping, glacial scene, all seems well in “Black Holy”’s early minutes, but by the time the five minutes of thrashing and throttling wraps up, blood has been shed and innocence has been lost. An appropriately gruesome end for what was one of Local Frames’ most unsettling series to date.

Vie Boheme – “Take Cover”

Later this year, Twin Cities R&B singer Vie Boheme will release her latest EP, Swoon, but before that collection hits the ears of local music fans, she’s dropped off the self-directed video for single “Take Cover.” On the song, Boheme vogues around the screen, all the while threatening to rearrange the cosmos with her music. Packed with grace and determination, “Take Cover” makes a huge statement for Boheme on the lead up to what will likely be an even more powerful record.

Polygon Peach – Obtuse Adventures, Episode 5

Polygon Peach have been teasing the release of their new album The Blue Palace all year through their Obtuse Adventures series , but now that the record is ready to drop, that weird, evocative series is coming to a close. Thus far, we’ve followed the band across a digitized expanse of early-’00s computer graphics, unsure of what was on the horizon. In this very brief conclusion, they reach the blue palace alluded to in the album’s title, and now we’re left to await what happens now that they’re inside. The Blue Palace releases on Friday, and Polygon Peach will be playing Big V's in St. Paul in celebration.

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