comScore sold to Vital Vinyl

class=img_thumbleft>Last Friday, owner Lars Larson announced he'd sold his local hip-hop message board/website to the Minneapolis dance records store and online retailer Vital Vinyl, one of the few surviving local indie shops specializing in 12-inch records, which also powers of the techno equivalent of either DU or In its first six years, DUNation did more than put out a time-capsule local CD and throw some historic parties: It brought together every corner of the Minneapolis/St. Paul rap scene for the first time (check out this recent dialogue with ever-lurking Slug for a good example). The site has been up for sale before. And earlier this month, Larson publicly asked whether it was "worth it" for him to keep running DU. "When people are walking into the basement of my home, fucking with my car, fucking with my friends and girlfriends, prank calling my cell and home line and today someone showing up to my job," he wrote, "I am forced to take a step back and reflect on all this and wonder if this website is worth having this extra stress in my life." A thread about the board's future is already up.