Dueling identities, swirling temptations, and 360-degree dancing in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

It's Carnage!

It's Carnage! YouTube

August is a rush.

There’s no other month in the calendar as busy with music releases than this one. Which is good, because there are no federal holidays in August, so we need a reason to detach from the everyday and celebrate. The only problem is the sheer traffic of new shit coming to your ears.

How do you find the time? Well, the simple answer is you don’t. Nor do you have to. That’s what these five music videos are here for every week. Take a sample of all the new stuff pouring into the scene, decide what you’re most interested in, and go deeper. Whatever you do, don’t let this be the totality of your experience, though. There’s so much more going on than Local Frames could ever cover.

Carnage the Executioner – “Not Just a Name” (PREMIERE)

Terrell Woods is Carnage the Executioner, and Carnage the Executioner is Terrell Woods, but where does one end and the other begin? In the new video for Ravenous track “Not Just a Name,” Carnage jousts with his rapper identity overtaking his personal life and vice versa. Longtime collaborator Paul Von Stoetzel of Killing Joke Films does the direction, framing the beatboxer/MC in a funeral home, where his two identities collide. Be on the lookout for the followup video for title track “Ravenous,” which will be released on Halloween.

Kara Laudon – “Leave You Alone” (PREMIERE)

It’s been three years since we last heard a new song from Minneapolis singer-songwriter Kara Laudon. Her debut full-length I Wasn't Made was released all the way back in 2015, but the sultry vocalist has since hooked up with John Mark Nelson, who helped her produce and record her new album, Old Live. The first song off that record (which is due out in 2019) is the tortured love song “Leave You Alone.” Video director Christian Ankrum shows Laudon at war with herself, struggling to resist the temptations swimming through her blood.

Devata Daun – “It’s So Sad”

The casual hypnosis of Devata Daun’s lo-fi R&B is brought to life in dizzying perfection in the 360-degree virtual reality video for her new song “It’s So Sad.” Made by Adam Dunn, the video puts you at the center of a Gravitron of slow-boogying silhouettes, all working their bodies melancholically to Daun’s distant voice. “It’s So Sad” is off Daun’s forthcoming EP Pye Luis, which was written and recorded in collaboration with Blaine producer Pye Luis as well as producer c.Kostra. Pye Luis is out August 24, and the EP’s release show is the following Wednesday, August 29, at Loring Bar.

KenSoul ft. The Rift – “LTDF (Lit Turnt Drunk Faded)”

In hip-hop, there are many words to describe the varying levels of intoxication. “Lit” and “turnt” seem to be the blotto lingo du jour, but local rappers KenSoul and the Rift are well past the point of arguing semantics. On their new collaboration “LTDF (Lit Turnt Drunk Faded),” the two take in all substances in pursuit of the ultimate high. In the video, KenSoul and Rift run a house party into the ground, entertaining the turnt-ass masses with their antics. Whatever word you use to describe it, it looks like a blast. KenSoul directs himself, and Matt Wales Media does the cinematography.

Dichotomy – “Breezy”

Halfway between Wolf Parade and the Black Keys sits Minneapolis band Dichotomy. Their new record Plastic Jungle is out September 25, and this week they release the first single, the bluesy lo-fi stomper “Breezy.” The track captures singer Alex Kauffman’s struggle to communicate in 2018. Lost in a sea of noise, the only way he can think to pull himself up is to translate his angst and frustration into a guitar-driven groove and basement-shot video and hope that can connect.

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