Dude, Big Lebowski fun facts

Dude, Big Lebowski fun facts

This Friday, Bryant–Lake Bowl will celebrate 15 years of bowling, boozing, theater, and dining with a themed party dedicated to the ultimate cinematic homage to bowling: The Big Lebowski. In 2006 Premier magazine named it one of "the best comedies of all time," and though it was considered a disappointment at the box office in 1998, in the 10 years since it has grown to be perhaps the most beloved stoner bowling movie of all time. To get peeps in the mood for the party, here’s some fun–facts I’ve found on the flick via Wikipedia, IMDB, and my mind.

  • The jelly shoes worn by the Dude are actually from Jeff Bridges’ own collection (a lot of the Dude's clothing was from Bridge's own closet)
  • The Dude is actually never shown bowling
  • The Dude’s real name may be Art–at one pont he wears a bowling shirt with the name
  • The German techno band Autobahn is a homage to Kraftwerk
  • The Dude says the word "man" approximately 1.5 times a minute, a grand total of 147 times
  • Some could argue that Scarface and Goodfellas are more wholesome movies. The Big Lebowski actually beats them for the number of times the word "fuck" is uttered: 281 times
  • The word "dude" is used more sparsely: a mere 161 times
  • During the movie, the Dude drinks 9 White Russians, 10 if you count the one he drops at Jackie Treehorn’s pad
  • Indie guitar crooner Aimee Mann appears as the nine–toed Nihilist at the pancake house
  • The Dude drives a 4–door 1973 Ford Torino. There were two vehicles used during filming. One was destroyed during filmmaking, the other was destroyed in Season 8 of The X–Files, in an episode called "Salvage"
  • Richard Nixon was an avid bowler. There is a picture of him on the Dude’s wall
  • Before filming a scene, Jeff Bridges would ask the Coen Brothers is the Dude had just sparked one. If the answer was yes, he would rub his eyes before the take
  • When Comedy Central aired the movie, there was a lot they had to cut out or dub over. Perhaps the most challenging scene was the one where Walter destroys the car he thinks belongs to Larry Sellars. In it, he repeatedly yells "Do you see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass?" To make it appropriate for general viewing, the scene was redubbed so that Walter shouts "Do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?"
  • Charlize Theron was considered at one point for the character of Bunny. Tara Reid eventually won the role
  • The bowling alley from the film, Holly Star Lanes, has since been torn down. There is now an elementary school where it once stood

Get your dude on at Bryant–Lake Bowl (810 W. Lake St., Minneapolis; 612.825.3737) this Friday with events starting at 8 p.m. For more info on the party, check out the A List here.

Dude, Big Lebowski fun facts

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