DubuqueFest 2008!

DubuqueFest 2008 Nomad World Pub 501 Cedar Ave. Saturday, September 27th 4 p.m.-close 612-338-6424

This Saturday is your chance to salute all things Dubuque. Dubuque, Iowa -- our very dear neighbors to the south, just a short trip down the ol’ Mississippi River--let us not forget all the treasures Dubuque has brought to the world: we have actor Don Ameche from the movie “Cocoon”, actress Kate Mulgrew, (also known as “Mrs. Columbo” and Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Janeway) and, of course, some pretty darn tasty hams.

For all these reasons and more head on down to the Nomad this Saturday to say thank you to Dubuque at DubuqueFest. This family-friendly event (kids are welcome until dark) features bocce ball and Wii on the big screen to keep the whole clan entertained. There will be beer, barbeque, turkey and dressing sandwiches (a Dubuque fave) made by Cremer’s grocery in (you guessed it) Dubuque, and Julien Dubuque, the founder of Dubuque himself will be back from the grave to make a special guest appearance to sign autographed photos. And, if all that is not enough for you, get ready to be rocked by the Safes and Track a Tiger

Don’t miss the Dubuque trivia contest with Dubuque souvenirs given out awards: questions range from the names of former mayors, homecoming queens, and historical sites to the number of touchdowns, beers, or boyfriends somebody may have had. I-a-wouldn’t want you to miss it!

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