Dub Trio blazing their way to the Varsity Theater


Dub Trio w/ Hardcore Crayons and Marvelle, Sunday November 23rd, Varsity Theater, 18+, 7 PM, $10 adv/$12 day of show

Try imagining three in-demand session musicians that have played with 50 Cent, Tupac, Macy Gray, The Fugees, and Mos Def. Got it? While you're attempting to figure out the size of their afros, what if I mentioned that it's three white guys from Brooklyn, the hipster capitol of the world? And what if they've formed a band that traffics in the twin pillars of stoner music, reggae and metal? Does that complicate your image just a little? To reconcile that mess in your head, head down to the Varsity on Sunday to check out Dub Trio, who fit that totally scattered profile to a T. While the fusion of spaced-out dub and aggressive rock in a single band isn't exactly new (Bad Brains were doing it over two decades ago), fitting them both into the same song is an advancement in style on par with the the Large Hadron Collider; two musical particles get revved up to dangerous speeds, then fired at each other in the hopes that something world-changing will happen.

Well, it might not create black holes, but Dub Trio will certainly transport you to a place where canyon-sized echoes and super-crunchy guitar riffs live together in a darkened utopia, where musical ideas get shrunk down to specks and then blown out the other end of your mind. But that might just be the contact high talking. Sure, it's a band that seems full of contradictions, but it's these kinds of side-by-side placements that make musical advancements, changing the sonic landscape by combining the uncombinable. So, whether you're already a fan, or just curious (and there's a lot to be curious about), consider spending your Sunday night with Dub Trio, getting your particles rearranged in the best possible way.

-- Ian Traas