Drunk puppets, magic skulls, and endless winters in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Proper-T: His desires are... unconventional.

Proper-T: His desires are... unconventional. YouTube

Did you pay your taxes, dammit?

I hope you did. While some ideologies consider taxation tantamount to theft, the positive effect of tax dollars on the artistic community cannot be denied. Grants from government agencies like the National Endowment for the Arts (on the federal level) and Minnesota State Arts Board (on the state level) provide crucial funding to visual and musical art projects that otherwise would never have the resources to exist.

Try to keep that in mind this year when your H&R Block rep is walking you through your gross and net income. Try not to leave that office feeling like you were raked over the coals. Remember that those dollars are going towards a critically important cause. To a dreamer, your tax dollars are the ticket to turning their passion project into a reality.

Javier Santiago ft. Proper-T“Yesterday”

Minneapolis pianist/singer Javier Santiago hooked up with Astralblak MC Proper-T for three of the tracks on his new EP Verses. The pair’s chemistry is nearly spiritual, as exhibited on the latest Verses single “Yesterday,” which was released with a new video last Tuesday. In the video, directed by LoonarCity, Santiago and Proper-T compete for the affections of a problematic puppet named Yesterday. But in the end, their artistic friendship prevails.

Blue Honey“Dark Spots”

On April 20, Minneapolis producer Blue Honey will release his second album Acabra on Glass Amp records. Last week, the electronica whiz gave us our first glimpse at the soothing wonders we can expect when he released the video for “Dark Spots.” Blue Honey (real name Eric Rogers) stars in the video alongside Jennifer Wiles and a creepy, seemingly enchanted golden skull. As the two dance around the stage, the skull controls their every interaction before ultimately seducing them with its allure.

Orikal Uno“All We Got Is Us”

Orikal Uno’s January album Come Back announced the St. Paul rapper’s return to the—Twin Cities scene. As we saw in the video for “Knockin” last year, Uno still brings it to the mic, even nearly 20 years into his career. His latest video, “All We Got Is Us,” also directed by Colton Otte of Blue G Productions, restates Uno’s purpose to keep up the standard of quality he’s maintained since 1999. “All We Got Is Us” is proof that when you put your head down and your pen to the page, inspiring things can happen.


Garage-rock band Blinds kicked off their nationwide tour last night with a video release show at the 7th St. Entry, and by now, they’re well on their way to Madison for their show at the Wisco on Thursday. The video they released is for their burning new single “Wolves.” In the video, director Austen Browne follows model Kylee Marie Dooher with a roving eye as she searches the city for self-reflection. But no solace is found, so she retreats to a wintry forest, getting more desperate the deeper she treks.

Niiice.“Ef U, Pay Me”

May we all have the snot-nosed indignation of a 2018 emo rock band. Minneapolis band Niiice. display all that is indulgent and liberating about bands of the genre in the video for their new song “Ef U, Pay Me,” a characteristically despondent tale of shittiness and part-time employment. The footage that makes up the video was compiled from the band’s various dates on the road, doing the work they’d prefer to get paid for. It’s silly and obnoxious, but it wouldn’t be emo if it wasn’t. The band’s debut Try to Stay Positive is out Saturday via Hotdish Records.

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